Happy Thanks Giving and goings on around Acorn School




These past few weeks have been busy and wonderful here at Acorn School. I have much to be grateful for. Here are a few highlights…

We spent several weeks preparing for our Lantern Walk. On the chosen evening we were blessed with a clear night sky and a beautiful silver moon. The quiet reverent walk through our meadow was a balm to all and a lovely way to usher in the upcoming holiday season. We went home that evening nibbling on yummy star cookies that a beautiful visitor, the Star Fairy gifted us with.

Andrew & Thomas came to the school to to move a tree that was cut down. It was perfect for climbing. Thank you! How exciting it was for the children to see this huge tree moved from one end of the yard to a more convenient place to be a permanent structure for climbing and who knows what else…

I especially enjoyed the fruitful one-on-one conversations that we had during Parent Teacher conferences a few weeks ago. A great way to get to know the children and families a little better.

This past week we were lucky to have Ann Stahl come to speak to our school community. She is a long-time Waldorf Early Childhood mentor and teacher. She talked with us about the importance of language development in the young child using stories, songs, movement and the significants of a real human being imparting these language jewels. I plan on inviting speakers to the school several times a year to share their experiences and wisdom with us.

And so… enjoy the pictures and Happy Happy Thanks Giving to all!